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Masters of the Sword: MD Company to Claim Monopoly on Historical Fencing Accreditation

You’ve heard it here first:

SHotS is teaming up with Towson-based Secret Archives Press LLC to provide the historical fencing community with ultimate credentials. Continue reading

Massed Assault: The Choreography of Group Instruction

Group class vs. individual lesson?

The armed and police forces of the world had their choices made for them by virtue of the very number of recruits needing instruction.

But how did they get them to look good from a distance…

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Fencer’s Magazine: Can’t wait to see those at Nationals. We have an idea: Please submit your own suggestion for the most ridiculous fencing-inspired garment you’ve come across—for a FencingClassics Cabinet o’Horror!

New Feature: Books of the Sword

We’ve kicked off the new year with two executive decisions:

First, we discovered that the publishing rights of The Secret History of the Sword have reverted back to us. And we noticed that we’ve yet again  strayed far from pure “FencingClassics”—back into coverage of pretty much all eras and systems in which people pummeled each other with sharp iron. Hence, what better new-old programmatic name for our blog than “The Secret History of the Sword”? Continue reading

In Memoriam: Bob Anderson

Millions enjoyed his sword skills on screen. And thousands took up fencing in all its facets after watching him perform.

Robert James Gilbert “Bob” Anderson, Olympic fencer and coach, military sword instructor, and most influential stunt performer and choreographer after William Hobbs, died on January 1, 2012.

Read the AP Obituary…


Fencers Magazine: Health benefits for older fencers

We’ve always known it: Fencing is a veritable health panacea. Not only for the young… but especially for old codgers like us:

Fencing in the News: Health benefits for older fencers.