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Silence of the Sticks: Why wooden weapons fell out of favor in 19th-century Germany

stick fightingThe Irish beat each other with shilelaghs, the English drew blood with singlesticks and quarterstaves, the French wielded canne and baton. The Portuguese still play at jogo de pao and the Italians had the bastone. The Germans, however, showed no interest in wooden weapons, at least after the Fechtschul traditions of dussack and assorted staff weapons (most of which with a blade of one kind or another) had disappeared. How come? Continue reading

Free Resources: Leboucher’s 1843 La Canne Manual

Yes, we know. We really shouldn’t. We’re spoiling you rotten.

But heck, you just might learn something! Today, we’re giving away your free access to Rouen, France-based master of the stick, staff, kicking boot and fist Leboucher’s 1843 manual.

We can afford such generosity because someone else’s already paid for putting it online… Continue reading

American Stick-Fighting: Hell comes to Frog Town

It’s all well and good reading the foreign imports of fencing and fighting manuals published in the United States in the 19th century. Especially the one or two stick and staff fighting books.

But the Yanks knew their way around a stick all by their lonesome.

Dashiell Hammett includes a great fight scene in his 1924 short story “Nightmare Town”… Continue reading

Stick Fighting: And a Merry Christmas to you, Padre!

“Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.” —Psalm 23

They may’ve been taking scripture a tad too literally. But we bet Friar Tuck and Bishop Odo would’ve been proud of the cassocked cudgelers who put the vir back into Virtue to practice the Christian “Platinum Rule”: “Und willst Du nicht mein Bruder sein, so schlag ich Dir den Schädel ein.”

And what better place for the spiritual Fechtschule than the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem!

We may consider getting religion yet in our old age! Read on…