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Weapons: The Ziegenhainer Walking Stick

ImageApart from a few late imports, wooden staves or sticks disappear from the printed instructional record of 18th- and 19th-century German martial arts literature.

There’s only one example of a wooden weapon being used in a more or less organized combative context in the early 19th century:

The Ziegenhainer walking stick. 

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Free Resources: Leboucher’s 1843 La Canne Manual

Yes, we know. We really shouldn’t. We’re spoiling you rotten.

But heck, you just might learn something! Today, we’re giving away your free access to Rouen, France-based master of the stick, staff, kicking boot and fist Leboucher’s 1843 manual.

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Singlestick; Britain, c. 1900-1990


Wickerwork Singlestick

Wickerwork Singlestick

Underwater Baskethilt Weaving…

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Das Deutsche Hiebfechten vor dem europäischen Hintergrund

Trotz seiner heutigen Populär-Identifikation mit nationalistischen Strömungen ist das Hiebfechten der deutschen Studenten fest in europäische Traditionen eingebunden.


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