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Fechtschule America honors Hammerterz Forum: Our crass attempt to cash in on th’ memories

Eighteen years after the first Hammerterz Forum and 12 years after the last issue, Fechtschule America 2012 named three tournaments after this long-forgotten HEMA publication.

And as it happens, we made a spectacular discovery somewhere deep in the vaults of the Amberger Collection.

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Massed Assault: The Choreography of Group Instruction

Group class vs. individual lesson?

The armed and police forces of the world had their choices made for them by virtue of the very number of recruits needing instruction.

But how did they get them to look good from a distance…

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Fencer’s Magazine: Can’t wait to see those at Nationals. We have an idea: Please submit your own suggestion for the most ridiculous fencing-inspired garment you’ve come across—for a FencingClassics Cabinet o’Horror!

Fencers Magazine: Health benefits for older fencers

We’ve always known it: Fencing is a veritable health panacea. Not only for the young… but especially for old codgers like us:

Fencing in the News: Health benefits for older fencers.

In Memoriam: William Gaugler

FencingClassics bids a fond farewell to an old mentor, friend, and adviser:

On December 10, 2011, one of the great fencing masters, scholars, and authors of the 20th century, Maestro William M. Gaugler, died of  cancer in Sunnyvale, California.

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In Memoriam: Justice for Coach Oles

It took a snow plow to do him in.

Yesterday, the man who struck and killed fencing coach Dick Oles with his snow plow during January’s snow storm was convicted of leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

The Judge made a point of highlighting the driver’s cowardice… Continue reading

Over at Fencer’s Magazine: Fencing the Perfect Game

How often has this happened to you? Winning a tournament without allowing a single touch to be scored against you. Fencing the Perfect Game!

Caleb True recounts the one tournament where  everything went right for him. Read it right here…

Teaching Fencing: Curriculum and Diploma

What makes a fencing master? And how is the body of knowledge he (or she) is supposed to transfer to his students to be defined?

Dr. William Gaugler explores the historical background of fencing accreditation and codification… Continue reading