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The French Connection: Christmann’s Practical Self-Defence

Readers of The Lazarus Smile will no doubt remember that it was F.C. Christmann, Professor of the Art of Fencing and Member of Several Academies, who started the whole darn mess by handing Ernst Moritz Arndt a stack of classical manuscript scraps. But unlike the Byzantine cascade of events that find their preliminary end in the Sherpur Cantonment Cemetary in Kabul, his self-defence advice is straightforward… Continue reading

Weighty Matters: Italian Saber vs. Broadsword in late Victorian Britain

Despite all efforts to force the history of 19th-century saber fencing into a corset of linear descendancy, it would appear that historical reality is an uncooperative witness.

Like in the controversy if the Italian duelling saber or the good old broadsword were the prime manifestations of fencing’s practicability. Let’s weigh some historians’ views…

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The Cutting Room Floor: Early Movies of European Cut Fencing

Over at Deutsche Hiebfechtkunst, we’re compiling a repository of cinematic evidence regarding the various methods of European Cut Fencing. Check it out—and point out more to us!

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“La schiabola e la vostra penna”: The Expansion of the Italian Saber

For non-competition oriented forms of Central European cut fencing, this was the beginning of the end: Starting in the 1870’s, a diaspora of Italian fencing masters managed to displace, and then obliterate, traditional European cut fencing systems.

How, who, and why?

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Lance practice; Austro-Hungary, c. 1905

Clash of the titans… Continue reading

Military Cut Fencing; Germany, 1925

Boys will be boys… Continue reading

Lance vs. Sword Drill; France, 1906:

This postcard, stamped and mailed in 1906, shows cavalry soldiers at Saumur practicing on foot… Continue reading

Cavalry sword; France, 1908

This French postcard (postmarked in 1908) clearly demonstrates the drawback of large-movement cuts! Continue reading

Korbsäbel; Germany, c. 1910


Mit Binden und Bandagen

Mit Binden und Bandagen

German students posing in full battlegear…

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Fencing sabers; Germany or Austria, c. 1910


Straight-bladed fencing sabers

Straight-bladed fencing sabers

A little bit of help from the Tramizu Community would be appreciated to identify both weapons and origin…