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Fencing Nudes: Duel Naked!

One of the leading search terms that brings novice FencingClassics readers to our site is “topless fencing”.

Who’d’a thunk?

And since we thrive on giving people what they want, we’re happy to oblige… with images of duels between women in various stages of dress and undress… Continue reading

Foil Fencing: The 1820’s “Roland foil”

Some of the British fencing master dynasties left behind more than books and instructional manuals.

The Rolands, for example, supplied us with this exceedingly rare leather-hilted foil…

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U.S. Naval Swordplay: A.J. Corbesier

Thanks to the U.S. Naval Academy, Maryland can claim a number of famous fencing masters who left instructional manuals to posterity. One of them was the Belgian Antoine J. Corbesier. He may not have been original. But he was influential enough to have a couple of ships named after him.

Includes link to FREE, complete text of his Broadsword Exercise! Continue reading

Henry Angelo: Strategic Planning in Running a Salle

An Assault At Foils at the Angelo School of Fencing at Haymarket

Running a successful fencing club takes strategic thinking. Especially if you’ve built your business on your reputation as a fencing champion. After all, champions are not self-appointed but made—by meeting challengers.

The Angelos had first-hand experience in this. And Henry Angelo seems to have been good at playing his opponents… Continue reading

Over at Fencer’s Magazine: Fencing the Perfect Game

How often has this happened to you? Winning a tournament without allowing a single touch to be scored against you. Fencing the Perfect Game!

Caleb True recounts the one tournament where  everything went right for him. Read it right here…

Tactics: Stretching the Tactical Wheel

vizzini princess bride sicilian when death is on the line“Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line!”

The tactical options available to a fencer at the outset of the bout by far surpass those the criminal mastermind Vizzini has to consider in his Battle of Wits. Luckily, we have veteran fencer Joe Hoffman on our side to break the cycle by Stretching the Tactical Wheel… Continue reading

Five Fencing Classics that deserve more views than they got

Épée fencer; France, c. 1890
Foil Fencers; Germany, c. 1920
Wrestling; Germany, c. 1550
Épée Fencer; France, c. 1900
Saber fencers; Italy, 1897

Foil Fencer; Russia, c. 1949


Cold War Fencer

Cold War Fencer

The beginnings of the Russian fencing machine…

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