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Saber Fencing at Joinville-le-Pont, 1900-1914

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Italian-School Saber: “Slipping the Leg”

Radaelli saber

Since we just reviewed and edited this posting and still have one more article on Italian-style sports saber in the pipeline, we’ve decided to make this “Eye-talian Saber Week” at SHotS Fencing Classics…

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Tactics: Stretching the Tactical Wheel

vizzini princess bride sicilian when death is on the line“Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line!”

The tactical options available to a fencer at the outset of the bout by far surpass those the criminal mastermind Vizzini has to consider in his Battle of Wits. Luckily, we have veteran fencer Joe Hoffman on our side to break the cycle by Stretching the Tactical Wheel… Continue reading

The Cutting Room Floor: Early Movies of European Cut Fencing

Over at Deutsche Hiebfechtkunst, we’re compiling a repository of cinematic evidence regarding the various methods of European Cut Fencing. Check it out—and point out more to us!

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Cavalry Saber Skills; Britain, c. 1906

Specialized Skills

Specialized Skills

No room for error…

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Five Fencing Classics that deserve more views than they got

Épée fencer; France, c. 1890
Foil Fencers; Germany, c. 1920
Wrestling; Germany, c. 1550
Épée Fencer; France, c. 1900
Saber fencers; Italy, 1897

Saber Fencers; Argentina, c. 1900


Praticing saber fencing in the Pampa

Saber fencing in the Pampa

Rare footage from Latin America…

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Holiday Wishes; England, 1926

... and a Happy New Year!

No reference to Good King Fencislas...

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Basket-hilt Saber Fencing; Germany, c. 1910

Group therapy

Group therapy

These fencers are mugging for the camera after an hour on the Paukboden…

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Ooooh-aaaahhh! World’s First Saber Video; France, c. 1880

Probably the earliest videographic source for French saber fencing…

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