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Silence of the Sticks: Why wooden weapons fell out of favor in 19th-century Germany

stick fightingThe Irish beat each other with shilelaghs, the English drew blood with singlesticks and quarterstaves, the French wielded canne and baton. The Portuguese still play at jogo de pao and the Italians had the bastone. The Germans, however, showed no interest in wooden weapons, at least after the Fechtschul traditions of dussack and assorted staff weapons (most of which with a blade of one kind or another) had disappeared. How come? Continue reading

The Cutting Room Floor: Early Movies of European Cut Fencing

Over at Deutsche Hiebfechtkunst, we’re compiling a repository of cinematic evidence regarding the various methods of European Cut Fencing. Check it out—and point out more to us!

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Mensur; Germany, 1882

All those long and lonely summer nights…

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Military Cut Fencing; Germany, 1925

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Manschett-Schläger; Germany/Austria, c. 1900


A special variety of basket-hilt Schläger

A special variety of basket-hilt Schläger

Manschette-fencing targeted only the wrist and lower arm…

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