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Over at Hiebfechtkunst: Early German cut fencing

Die meisten Illustrationen von deutschen Fechtschulen zeigen Stoßfechter. In diesem kolorierten Kupferstich aus dem 18. Jh. wird nicht nur gestochen und voltiert, sondern mit Säbeln auf Hieb gefochten.

Sorry, this article thus far is in German only.

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“Only the Coward Retreats”—A mid-19th century Korbschläger

The expansive basket of the Mensur-Korbschläger not only protects head and hand of the fencer. In some cases, it served as a record of Mensuren fought. Like this 1844 weapon… Continue reading

Art and Fencing: Ullmann’s “Saber Fencer”

Everybody knows that fencers are the most beautiful athletes: “Tough as leather, fast as greyhounds, hard as Krupp steel,” as a different period put it. No wonder then that some artists immortalized fencers as the epitome of human anatomy.

While there were a number of large-scale bronzes cast—the Fechterbrunnen in Breslau and the now lost pair of Épée Fencers from Karlsruhe, Germany, come to mind—most spelter, bronze, and (later) cast iron fencing statues were “trophy- sized,” measuring between 10 and 35 inches.

Among the Central European sculptors who tried their hand at this was the Austrian Theodor Ullmann, active from around 1915 until the 1930’s. Continue reading