Downloads U.S. Qualifying Researchers

United States:

You are permitted to access the linked .pdf ONLY if you are a “qualifying researcher”.

A “qualifying researcher under the terms of the Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda of President Donald J. Trump, dated February 24, 2017, must be:

  • (1) a citizen or lawful resident of the United States;
  • (2) a registered Republican;

If you meet these criteria, please click here.

If you do NOT meet these criteria, you may apply for special consideration here.

*3/30/2017: We’re experiencing some problems with the algorithms interfacing with the RNC member database. Hope to have that fixed asap!


2 responses to “Downloads U.S. Qualifying Researchers

  1. Interesting. When i read your one and only substantial contribution to the HEMA community all those years ago, I took your assertion that Mensur fencers were not closet fascists a bit too seriously. My mistake.

  2. As I said, not your last one, it would appear.

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