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Amberger, J. Christoph Quellen zur Deutschen Fechtkunst: Die Fechtkunst in der “Sichtbaren Welt” des Johann Amos Comenius, Baltimore: Secret Archives Press LLC, 2011; Gratis .PDF: Clicken Sie hier oder an das obenstehende Bild für Ihren Download

English version:

Secret Histories of the Sword: The Art of Fencing in the “Visible World” of Johann Amos Comenius, Baltimore: Secret Archives Press LLC, 2011; Click here for your free download!


FencingClassics’ corporate mothership, Secret Archives Press LLC, now has the exclusive rights to market one of the largest private fencing-related collections in the world.

In the coming months, they will be releasing collectible reproductions of select works of fencing-related art — oil paintings, drawings, copperplates, woodcuts and original photographic sources. Most of this material has been unavailable to interested collectors for, well, almost forever!

All images have been reproduced applying state-of-the-art museum-quality photography and are printed on highest-quality archival paper stock or canvas.

“Der Paukboden” (ca. 1840), Öl auf Leinwand, 60.5 x 46.5 cm, Signed: Hübner. Original in Amberger Collection, Baltimore (USA)

Reprints are custom-ordered, printed on canvas and mailed on a high-quality stretcher. Please inquire for available sizes and pricing. (Allow for 2 weeks delivery time.)

* Mensur des Göttinger SC auf der Landwehr, Sommersemester 1882:

This oversized compound photograph depicts the members of the Seniorenconvent Göttingen (the local association of dueling student Corps registered at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany) during a “Bestimmtag,” an evening on which scheduled Mensuren or student duels are fought.

At the center of the image is a match between a member of the Corps Brunsviga (the second recognizable by his black-white-blue apron) and Otto von Bismarck’s Corps Hannovera (red-blue-red). The location is the Landwehr inn — Göttingen’s response to Heidelberg’s Hirschgasse. Below the photo, the names of all men depicted (identified by small numbers) are printed under their respective Corps affiliations.

This reproduction is based on an original in the Amberger Collection, which was digitally restored in painstaking detail by our friends at Coyle Studios.

* Fechtschule (c. 1700):

This is one of the latest — but probably the most comprehensive! depiction of a Fechtschule in Germany. Fechtschulen were public trials of skill, during which the members of the German fighting guilds, the Marxbrüder and Federfechter, competed for prizes and teaching privileges.

This scene is reminiscent of a major modern fencing tournament: Multiple pairs of fencers compete in the weapons of the day: Foil (or foiled single rapier), rapier and dagger, sataff, halbert, Dussack, and long sword. Each pair is supervised by a Master armed with a staff… who’s ready to intercede with his weapon should the match get out of hand.

To the left, we witness a contestant nursing a head wound.

This exceedingly rare copperplate is from the Amberger Collection. It still bears some contemporary ink markings but has been photographically reproduced by Coyle Studios to capture the hand-applied contemporary watercolors.
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