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15 responses to “Contact

  1. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.

    Thanks for doing this. It is great!

    Jim Kent

    aka The Gray Epee

    aka Downtown (Fencing Net)

  2. great pictures..some help grandfater alcide bartoli taught at navel academy of annoplis in early 1910-13?? also taught at yale 1913-1919??also at new york atlecthic club 1900??..before coming to america in 1905 he was suppose be highly reconized fencer in europe or itlay??not sure..any place to go to look-up more on alcide bartoli…my dad did not have good info…

  3. W.T. Völkel

    Hello there,

    thank you so very much for this absolutely fabulous blog. It’s always a pleasure to visit the site and enjoy the pictures.
    Keep up the good work!

    Grüße aus good ol’ Germany


  4. Good evening my name is Brian i have came across 2 old fencing swords and i can’t find anything threw the web or books to find out anything about them,such as how old they are where they were made,or just any type of history on them,is there a way i can send a picture will someone be able to tell me a little about them or point me I’n the right direction,thanks for you’re time ,hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Sylvain Couprie


    I’m sorry to importuned you. But i have a question important for me, relative to the Hamlet of Shakespeare:

    I don’t inderstand why Hamlet doesn’t see that the sword of Laërte is unbated!

    Do you can explaine the phénomène to me.

    Thank you very much

    Sylvain Couprie

  6. Christoph Amberger

    A good question to which I have no answer, other than pointing out we’re dealing with a guy who likes to chat with his deceased friends’ skulls.

  7. Hello

    And thanks to you for you hillarante response
    I have many question.

    Imagine Hamlet notice the unbated weapon for this reasons:

    1. Hamlet knows the king and Laërte want to kill him.
    2. They propose him a stupid fencing – listen to courtier in the play: “The King, sir, hath laid, sir, that in a dozen passes between yourself and him he shall not exceed you three hits. He hath laid on twelve for nine, and it would come to immediate trial if your lordship would vouchsafe the answer.” (Courtier, in Acte 5 scene 2) Laërte say: I exceed Hamlet for nine hits (Like the Kenneth Branagh film)! Hamlet suspect the trap.
    3. In the bigining, Laërte choose a sword too Heavy (?). Hamlet is surprise. Osric confirme him the foils have all a length! He confirme him the trap.
    4. Hamlet see the unbated sword. He thinks all the assistance want kill him. It’s my working hypothésis.

    5. The Queen want to drink. Claudius want to stop Gertrude. He shout: “Gertrude do not drink.” The assistance is dumbfounded. Hamlet understand the cup is poisoned. He let drink is mother. It’s a matricide made up in régicide. It’s an over interpretation.
    6. Hamlet commit suicid for make a success. Moreover, he say: “follow my mother” when he kill the king.

    Maybe it’s not the true. I’m studie the question. And i have repons to find about the “sword unbated”. How are protect the “foils” in the élisabethan sociéty, or in the théâter for sécurity of the actors. Maybe Shakespeare want to show the danger. Maybe one of the sword have a leather button.

    Have you a reply for me.

    I’m happy you are a privileged interlocutor

    Good bye
    Sylvain Couprie

  8. I am the owner of the non-profit bilingual web resource Female Single Combat Club –
    I just discovered your excellent site. Thank you!!!
    We are considering to reprint your article “Fencing Nudes: Duel Naked!” and to use some of your images for a proposed article about topless duels and our other articles.
    We already have a few articles about women’s duels where we use images without knowing their real sources. Some of them have English versions:
    These are some in Russian only:
    We always credit the sources (if available)
    Lev Vilenkin

  9. Christoph Amberger

    Please help yourself! That’s whatour site is there for!

  10. Moritz Herbst

    Just looked again at the pdf-file “serious art for serious fencers”. Any news on the reproduction of plastic fencing art?

  11. Christian Wilson

    Despite the fact that I met the requirements for download, i.e., citizen of the United States and registered Republican, I was denied access when i clicked the appropriate button.

  12. My apologies—but happy April Fool’s Day!

  13. I came across your site searching for a photo of Coach Dick Oles. If permitted I’d like to use the photo in my monthly article. Coach Oles was my coach in the mid-70’s, I’m using a story about him to illustrate the importance of goal setting. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

  14. Roberts Celia Beor

    Saw this comment on your website
    “””Baltimore, MD—The postcard is stamped December 29, 1904 and addressed to Mrs W. H. Aitken, Glencairn, Norwood, Ceylon. A second set of postal stamps acknowledges arrival in Colombo on January 5, 1905. Six days from France to Ceylon (modern Sri Lanka)? Not half bad for 1905! “B.” writes: “We saw the man in white fence in the exhibition the other night. Best love & kisses from B.”””

    WH Aitken referred to above was my husbands great grandfather- would love to know more?

    Best wishes


  15. Unfortunately, this postcard came to us without any context other than what is contained in its four corners, some time between 1999 and 2010. There is no other information I can provide.

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