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The Fencing Fraud: How Exercitien- and Fencing Masters scammed their students in 1724

In his extensive “Lexicon of Frauds,” Georg Paul Hoenn disects the fraudulent practices of contemporary professions. The Excercitien-Meister—teaching entirely non-martial fencing and dancing to the fashionable crowd—also was suspected of taking advantage of the unwary.

(Sure, it ain’t Theranos… but some things still sound familiar.)

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FencingClassics to release “missing link” late 17th-ct. German fencing manuscript!


This recently re-discovered transcript by an anonymous German noble could fill an important gap in the documentation of German fencing approaches between Paschen and Schmidt.

Under the sponsorship of the new Administration, we’re preparing a limited release of the manuscript.

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The Kriegsbuch of Ludwig von Eyb

Von Eyb KriegsbuchWe may not be up-to-date any more on what old fencing and wrestling manuals are available and accessible by now. But we just found a careful transcription of von Eyb’s fencing and wrestling sections that deserve greater exposure. Here ya go… Continue reading