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Rapier Fencing: A Scottish-Italian Duel in Elizabethan London

The old Hammerterz Forum approach to filling quarterly issues with rare and novel accounts of historical swordplay  can be compared to a drag net:

We’d read hundreds of books we suspected of containing worthwhile material, often coming up with a pertinent sentence or a paragraph for every 300 pages perused. Some snippets were academic and boring, others boring and academic, but all seemed catalytical to the progress of research. There also were some that were downright entertaining.

Among the material we mined was this story of a young Highland Scot making a nuisance of himself in Elizabethan London… Continue reading


Tricks of the Trade: Johann Andreas Schmidt, 1713

Don’t you hate when that happens? Your opponent suddenly turns Luke Skywalker and starts using his foil with two hands…

No worries! Nuremberg’s Exercitienmeister Schmidt knows exactly what to do! Continue reading

Swords of Shakespeare: “Hurt Him in Eleven Places”

How much did Shakespeare know about contemporary Italian rapier fencing?

William Gaugler follows the clues from his plays into the Italian fencing literature of the 16th and 17th century. Continue reading

English Version: Fencing in the “Visible World” of Johann Amos Comenius

Not sure why, but we’ve been getting a ton of requests to provide English translations of our German-language contributions.

(What’s wrong with you people?)

We’re reluctantly happy to comply, starting with the shorter ones… Continue reading

Fechtschule; Germany, 1750

Plenty of action

Talk about a three-ring circus! Continue reading

Academic Thrust Fencing; Germany, c. 1820-40


Stammbuchblatt: Stoßfechten among German students

Stammbuchblatt: Stoßfechten among German students

Images of German students engaging in thrust fencing are rare…

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Smallsword; Britain, c. 1800


Merger of the eras

Am I overdoing the "From the Darkness of Time We Came" lighting on the pics?

Battered and blackened, but still a formidable weapon…

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Rapier; Germany, c. 1610, Part II


More of the Tesche Wirsberg Rapier

More of the Tesche Wirsberg Rapier

Yes, we do requests… here are more pictures of our 1610 rapier

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Épée Duel; Italy, 1903


He did get some satisfaction

He did get some satisfaction

This Italian postcard was mailed in 1903 in Torino, Italy…

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Rapier; Germany, c. 1610

Tough act to follow

Tough act to follow


Battered, broken and repointed…

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