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Battle Royal: The Last Stand of Richard III Plantagenet

_65619132_bosworthboar_lccHe lost his horse, his Kindom, and his life, although not necessarily in that order. Richard III’s bones have now been recovered from underneath a parking lot in Leicestershire, England—and identified as belonging to The Bard’s titular protagonist. Even better for scholars of shiny sharp things, the evidence shows that the king, indeed, met an untimely death by his head’s contact with various heavy bladed weapons—just as a Renaissance Burgundian scribe has claimed.
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Dark Age Mayhem: Bet you can’t just read one

A restored Roman helmet…

A mass grave of beheaded Jomsviking mercenaries… 

The remains of a high-ranking warrior, along with his sword, axe and other items…

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Research: The Axed Man of Mosfell

In 2012, FencingClassics broadens its scope: Rather than restricting ourselves to modern fencing and its progenitors, we want to expand into a resource for most that captures the imagination of xhiphomachophiliacs.

What better way to start with than a Viking burial. Even better, the burial of a Viking who handed in his chips after a few harp whacks on the head!

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