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The Kriegsbuch of Ludwig von Eyb

Von Eyb KriegsbuchWe may not be up-to-date any more on what old fencing and wrestling manuals are available and accessible by now. But we just found a careful transcription of von Eyb’s fencing and wrestling sections that deserve greater exposure. Here ya go… Continue reading

Free Resources: The Wrestling Arts of Medieval Germany

We spare no cost to proselytize the combative arts of Europe to the larger web community.

But we’re also not above letting other people foot the bill. Like those 1%ers at Google, who’ve been scanning in old books like there’s no tomorrow. Today, we bring to you a title we’d have given our eye teeth for, had it been available as an antiquarian book just five years ago:

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Books of the Sword: Talhoffer’s Königsegger Codex

For some reason, we missed the publication of this great resource two years ago.

Which doesn’t diminish the quality and relevance of this first-ever publication of Talhoffer’s Königsegger Codex at all… Continue reading

Research: Tudor Fencing vs. Tudor Soccer Fatalities

Despite the occasional death on the fencing strip, modern competitive fencing is a safe sport. Heck, more kids have died taking a Little League baseball on the chest than have even been nicked by a blade!

Despite a higher degree and frequency of serious injury or even fatality, it looks that 16th-century fencing practice (as opposed to the duel, we suppose) was a civilized affair compared to archery. But the most deadly of pastimes in Tudor England apparently was football…

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Saber Combat: Turkey, 1436

Turkish delight

Bear with us as we go back through ancient FencingClassics postings to bring them into a standard usable format.

For some reason, “Skanderbeg” continues to be a popular search term that leads people to this site. The following translation of a 17th-century German text might explain why…

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Resources: Freelance Academy Press

FencingClassics’s aim is to spread the word of new developments in all aspects of swordplay across the different spheres of interest. Part of that means pointing our readers at promising new ventures that are NOT undertaken by Secret Archives Press.

Like the new line of books by Freelance Academy Press, run by some of our old companions in crime…. Continue reading

Undiscovered Treasure? German paper mentions unlisted fencing Ms.

A passing reference in a German paper could indicate another fencing-related manuscript languishing in Berlin… Continue reading