The Day After: Alchemical reactions to FencingClassics’ April Fool’s prank

17634440_1431654203575938_1452753201947942708_n“I Laughed. I Cried. It moved me, Bob.”

We conclude our 2017 April Fool’s prank with a cursory glance at the reactions of those who caught on early, those who read along in puzzlement, and those who gave full vent to their feelings of entitlement and resentment.

“That was the greatest thing I’ve seen in years, my friend. Well played!
The reaction has been astonishing and truly hysterical. I have gained 200lbs from all the popcorn I consumed watching this unfold”.

“Komme gar nicht nach mit lesen. Der Schachzug, das Dokument zuerst nicht zugänglich zu machen und das Ganze mit Trump zu krönen, macht das Dokument so unglaublich viel wertvoller. Stichwort: Commitment und Kontrastprinzip”.

James N. Wow. You certainly got the poo-poo train going this time. Thanks for the chuckles.


Morgan S. Well done! Well done! I bow and nod to my good friend Christoph Amberger. You really had me wondering what was going on!

Roberto Martinez-L. Well played, my friend, though I did kinda suspected something like this, still, very well played, I tip my hat to you

Andrew P. I admit it–I totally fell for it! Great job everybody! That was a great practical joke–I can’t believe how many people were in on it. And I totally get the timing now. And props to the guys who called it.

Francesco L. I may be in the minority, but I didn’t really find this funny.

Jin K. I feel punk’d

Rob L. Ken Mondschein, so you were in on it! Thought it was kinda screwy you were getting bent up on this! You crazy dog!

Leslie Rose Mishaël Lopes C.’s comment made me laugh really, really hard. It just kept getting better and better. I kept seeing peoples’ grumblings about the issue on their pages, but didn’t see the actual HEMA Alliance thread. This was awesome.

Jack G. I honestly don’t think it was that funny, I considered the possibility of it being a joke. But joke or not it still deepened divides and the outrage of one HEMA’s core tenants being violated was justified

George Z. It was an interesting and funny experience of FB manipulation. The whole thing it was just a harmless joke in a small community like Hema . Imagine what those who want to control and manipulate (with fake news , fake profiles ,trolls ) can do on serious and important matters …..scary

Marcos Ariño Finding that humurous is the sign of an unhealthy mind, and quite possibly being a bit of a cunt. Maybe next year around end of March you could pretend to organise a HEMA tournament that excludes POC, Jews and gypsies, and then laugh and laugh at the reactions you get. So, no, no egg on my face, but you might want to check if you have a bit of a Hitler moustache on yours.

Mattias A. N. Seriously not fun. I assumed it was not an April fools joke. Traditions dictate April fools jokes MUST be posted on April 1. Not a day before. Not a day after. The art of April fools joke is that you make it so believeable that you fool people even though it is April 1.

“They behaved like infants at the candy store. But you’re absolutely correct about the virtue signaling. I’ve come to the conclusion that more than half of the HEMA community is on the spectrum”.

“It really brought to light the primal and destructive reactions from the left. A good lesson for everyone.”

“Vielen, vielen Dank für den tollen Spaß zu April Fools mit HEMA. Habe gerade deinen Artikel darüber gelesen und mich krumm gelacht. Einfach spitze.”

Frank D. Ha brilliant the best April fools ever 😀

Thom J. It was Genius, and if you are still butthurt about it, the problem is your entitled world view.

Dustin R. Nah, extremely obvious it was a joke. Can’t believe anyone fell for it…no wonder ‘fake news’ is a thing…

Camille R. I laughed yesterday, I’m laughing today. This was a good one!

Michaelangelo R. Wow it is a good thing I didn’t care.

“Great job there, Mr. Amberger! I thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle!”

Joachim B.  This type of joking just sucks.

Thom J. It was brilliant!

Bas D. Nice one! Such an elaborate prank and so many people joining in!

“Helping Matt Galas and Christoph Amberger with their April Fools joke was more fun than I’ve had in a long time. If you honestly think I would ever seriously post something that said “HEMA is for God fearing Americans only” then you know 0 about me. Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!”

Johanus H. Meh… I’ve always hated April Fools’, even as a kid… To me it’s immature and often nasty. Silliness all around.

Dustin R. More like, it’s amazing how many people will suspend any attempt at rational analysis when given the opportunity to practice some high-profile outrage/virtue-signaling.

Poul M. Still not gonna download that shit!

Lewis B. Dude your butt bruised?

Jim H. That. Was. Brilliant!



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