The Kriegsbuch of Ludwig von Eyb

Von Eyb KriegsbuchWe may not be up-to-date any more on what old fencing and wrestling manuals are available and accessible by now. But we just found a careful transcription of von Eyb’s fencing and wrestling sections that deserve greater exposure. Here ya go…

The University Library of Erlangen, Germany, recently added a full high-resolution scan of von Eyb’s Kriegsbuch (c. 1510) to their publicly accessible online library. (Check it out and download it right here.)

Of course, dealing with the chicken scratch that serves as explanation to the images is yet another matter. We just found the laudable effort transcribing it into readable early modern German by Barbara Kappelmayr and Andreas Maier from 2010. (Hey, we never claimed we were up-to date!)

You can download the file right here!

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