Shocking New Book: Vic DelFrate’s Weird Trick to Blow Up the Mob


Sometimes a manuscript comes along that you can’t just turn down…

Our publishing parent, Secret Archives Press, LLC, has just announced the release of a powerful new thriller in the Spillane tradition. 

SMT Maxx’s Fratricide: No Good Deed will go public on May 15, 2014.

A few months ago, in response to one of our posts on the hard-boiled, bare- knuckled fighting skills exhibited by the protagonists of classic American detective fiction, we received a note from a young writer who wanted us to take a look at a short manuscript.

Normally, we turn down this kind of request sight unseen. But before we could send out a form letter, we took a gander… and immediately were hooked.

Here was a piece of work that would have done the pulp classics proud! A tale ripped straight from the underbelly of 1924 New York, replete with dazzling blondes, high-strung Sicilian beauties, calculating cons and ruthless mobsters. But when we started fact-checking, our editors were stunned—because every main event, every detail, and (almost) every event checks out.

Could this have been a truly “Secret History”—in line with our publishing philosophy?

The author assures us it’s pure fiction. But he admit this book is based on the memoirs of a real person—on a series of old-fashioned audiotapes he purchased at an estate sale in Florida around 2000…

Click here for more…

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