Dark Age Mayhem: Bet you can’t just read one

A restored Roman helmet…

A mass grave of beheaded Jomsviking mercenaries… 

The remains of a high-ranking warrior, along with his sword, axe and other items…

Here’s a challenge for the habitual SHotS reader: Try not to read more than one of these news flashes from the past…

In our ongoing efforts to tempt the sword-happy employees of most major universities, government institutions, even the Pentagon and the US State Department into wasting even more time at work than they usually do, we’re presenting a trifecta of recent archaeological news, served up by the fine folks of the BBC.

How’s your self-discipline, my friend? Can you read just one?

A restored Roman helmet is going on public display for the first time at a Leicestershire museum.

The decorated Roman cavalry helmet was discovered at a site in Hallaton in 2001, along with a number of coins…

Read on.

A mass grave in Dorset containing 54 decapitated skeletons was a burial ground for Viking mercenaries.

The 54 men had all been beheaded and placed in shallow graves… with their severed heads piled up to one side. There are indications that they could have been Jomsvikings…

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The Ardnamurchan Viking boat burial—the UK mainland’s first fully intact Viking boat burial—include the remains of a high-ranking warrior, along with a sword, axe and other items.

They may soon be going on the block to find their way into the highest bidding museum…

Read more here…

2 responses to “Dark Age Mayhem: Bet you can’t just read one

  1. I’ll go you one better: I’ve held a 3000 year old bronze age sword in my (gloved) hands, courtesy RA Leeds. The grip was long gone so it was literally just the blade, but the feeling was damn near religious.

  2. Christoph Amberger

    Pictures or it didn’t happen!

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