Free Resources: Leboucher’s 1843 La Canne Manual

Yes, we know. We really shouldn’t. We’re spoiling you rotten.

But heck, you just might learn something! Today, we’re giving away your free access to Rouen, France-based master of the stick, staff, kicking boot and fist Leboucher’s 1843 manual.

We can afford such generosity because someone else’s already paid for putting it online…

There’s not much we can tell you about this book that would surpass what you’d get from it: Leboucher published his Théorie pour appendre a Tirer La Canne, in 25 Lessons, in Paris in 1843. Overall, the techniques depicted are not at all different from what a contemporary cut fencing repertoire with a straight-bladed broadsword would have included—which means cuts and feints to the foot and leg are included.

Go ahead, click it. We know you want it!

Click on the title page, or right here, to get to the manual!

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