Antique Weapons Update: Saddam’s Sword Sold

There’s no accounting for taste.

Two weeks ago, we alerted you to the opportunity of buying a sword once owned by the late Saddam Hussein.

The prices achieved on this auction have just been posted…

We’d rather spend a thousand bucks on a decent 19th-century fencing épée… but that’s just us. Other people are willing to plonk down $17,250 (plus a 20% buyer’s premium) on a single-edged sword liberated from the personal stash of Iraqi man of peace Saddam Hussein.

“This is a massive, highly embellished sword that measures 43″ overall with a 37″ straight, single-edged blade (nearly 1 3/4″ across at the ricasso) having single unstopped fullers and numerous inlaid gold embellishments. The blade has an overall pearly gray patina with inlaid gold filigree on both sides of the 7 1/4” false edge as well as further extensive filligree on the back edge and both sides of the forte. A gold inlaid Arabic presentation runs along most of the obverse edge that declares the sword to be a gift to Hussein. The ornate brass hilt has large sharply pointed langets that feature the Iraqi state crest on the obverse, twisted vine quillons with teardrop finials (one of which has been bent back slightly), ivory grip panels with brass Islamic eight pointed star rosettes, and a stylized falcon head pommel… (Read more…)

The weapon was sold by Amoskeag Auction Companyon January 7, 2012. We only mention it here to provide perspective as needed, should you find yourself coming home to spousal inquiry, short a few hundred bucks and richer a historic blade.

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