Current Auction: Another “Transitional”

A few weeks ago, we examined Eight Dueling Épées.

Today, we noticed a variant of one of the older specimens up for auction: A cousin of “The Transitional”…

Is it an épée? Is it still a smallsword? Our own specimen has a decorated and rather short triangular blade, whose very shortness still points at the smallsword background. This one’s blade recalls the colichemarde blade type, which broadens toward the hilt—and which puts it closer to the smallsword than the modern épée.

We saw it for auction at eBay.

In our years of collecting, we’ve come across only three or four weapons like this—which we consider the missing link to the modern épée de combat.

It’s not us selling it and we don’t know the seller, so we make no claims as to authenticity. The price seems reasonable for an original (and we don’t believe there’s a market big enough to justify the cost and effort of making copies…)

If you end up buying it, pop us an email with the measurements!

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