Free Resources: Fabris’ German edition

Who’d have thought that university archives would ever change their time-honored policy of keeping non-academic riffraff out of their collections—and even throwing their rara open to the Great Unwashed?

The Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, where I spent many a semester doing things other than visiting libraries, has recently put a copy of Salvatore Fabris’ “Italiänische Fechtkunst” online…

Published in Leyden by Isaac Elzevier, whose family business also put out Thibault’s magnum opus, this is the German translation of the Danish-published 1606 book  De lo schermo overo scienza d’arme (Copenhagen by Henricus Waltkirch).

(We currently list one copy of the latter, first edition for sale in our Books of the Sword.)

The Leyden edition was to supply about six generations of publishing fencing masters with copy and images to plagiarize.

The Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum is making available a complete scan of the book to anyone interested in the “artful fencing master Salvatore Fabris’ Italian art of fencing…”

Enjoy, share, and learn!

If you prefer to own an original, we currently have a lead on the 1713 Leipzig, published by Johann Herbord Kloss. Pricey, still, at around $4,000. Let me know if we can help you get it.

Of course, if your Antiquated German is just as bad as your Antiquated Italian, you’re still up the creek without a paddle. Which is why we recommend our good friend Tom Leoni’s excellent English translation and interpretation, The Art of Dueling: Salvator Fabris’ rapier fencing treatise of 1606. Available at Chivalry Bookshelf!


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