Swords in the News: Mother of all Swords to be auctioned

We can’t say for sure if the Swords of Qādisīyah are or aren’t in place any more. But one of the late Saddam Hussein’s other swords, sans arms, is looking for a new owner.

Described as an “ornate presentation sword,” it will go on the block this weekend at Amoskeag Auction Company Inc. in Manchester, NH.  

The sword is 43 inches in overall length, with a 37-inch straight, single-edged blade. It was “liberated” from Hussein’s Baghdad office in the military command complex in 2003.

The blade features inlaid gold filigree on both sides with an Arabic presentation, which runs most of the obverse edge, declaring that the sword is a gift to Hussein. Not our cuppa tea, but check it out at the auction house.

OR, if you would like to wield a functional replica, check out our friends at Purpleheart Armory, who offer the Victory Sword at modest cost.

Read more right here…


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