Research: The Axed Man of Mosfell

In 2012, FencingClassics broadens its scope: Rather than restricting ourselves to modern fencing and its progenitors, we want to expand into a resource for most that captures the imagination of xhiphomachophiliacs.

What better way to start with than a Viking burial. Even better, the burial of a Viking who handed in his chips after a few harp whacks on the head!

We had, of course, nothing to do with the skill and knowledge that went into this academic paper. But we’re not ashamed at all to hitch a ride on the work of the better qualified…

“In our research, we have extended and refined the latter approach by using archaeological excavations to “ground truth” saga passages, such as the one at the beginning of this chapter, that make specific statements about historical events that are supposed to have occurred in the Mosfell Valley. The most rewarding efforts along these lines have been our archaeological explorations at the Hrísbrú farm.  According to Egil’s saga, Hrísbrú is the place where the bones of the saga’s protagonist, Egil Skallagrímsson, were temporarily laid to rest before removal to the cemetery of a new church built at Mosfell…”

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2 responses to “Research: The Axed Man of Mosfell

  1. Ian Dundrillon

    “Xhiphomachophiliacs” First neologism of 2012. I shall notify the Oxford English Dictionary forthwith.
    Wie sagen Sie daß auf Deutsch?

  2. Christoph Amberger

    It’s actually a good 15 years old, an original Amberger coinage put together of xiphos (sword), machein (fight), and philiac (nut)—ein Schwertkampffanatiker.

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