Swords in the News: Blades of the Caucasus

Up until recent documentaries, all you could find out about the old Khevsoor way of fighting was contained in the works of American and Caucasian (as in “mountains,” not the pc version of “lily-white”) adventurers from the 1930’s.

One news article from Tblisi, Georgia, provides us with a small glimpse at one of the men still crafting edged weapons by hand…

by Nana Mghebrishvii,The FINANCIAL

Tblisi, Georgia—Entering his house, you get the feeling of being in a museum of old weapons, but no, all the weapons are his creation and waiting for buyers.

“A sword is the symbol of courage,” Jalaghania says. “Georgian men have always adored cold steel, from ancient times. I want this tradition to continue. I feel huge pride while working on swords or daggers. Every man who wears such a cold steel turns into a knight.”

Read on why and how he does it, right here…

For Richard Halliburton’s account of Khevsoor fighting, go here…


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