Monthly Archives: November 2011

In Memoriam: Justice for Coach Oles

It took a snow plow to do him in.

Yesterday, the man who struck and killed fencing coach Dick Oles with his snow plow during January’s snow storm was convicted of leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

The Judge made a point of highlighting the driver’s cowardice… Continue reading

Swords in the News: Blades of the Caucasus

Up until recent documentaries, all you could find out about the old Khevsoor way of fighting was contained in the works of American and Caucasian (as in “mountains,” not the pc version of “lily-white”) adventurers from the 1930’s.

One news article from Tblisi, Georgia, provides us with a small glimpse at one of the men still crafting edged weapons by hand… Continue reading

Location, Location, Location: What to keep in mind when choosing a place to fight

Jéann Daniel L’Ange was fencing master at the Electoral Palatinate court and at the University of Heidelberg. His Deutliche Erlärung der Adelichen und Ritterlichen freyen Fecht-Kunst of 1664 is an independently mastered take on the “Italian manner” of rapier fencing, containing many practical hints and recommendations from L’Ange’s own experiences.

Such as what to keep in mind when selecting a place to fight your opponent… Continue reading