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Saber Combat: Turkey, 1436

Turkish delight

Bear with us as we go back through ancient FencingClassics postings to bring them into a standard usable format.

For some reason, “Skanderbeg” continues to be a popular search term that leads people to this site. The following translation of a 17th-century German text might explain why…

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OMG: Be FC’s BFF @ our FB Page


It’s your lucky day: FencingClassics warms up its old Facebook Page.

Is it just another thing to “like”?

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Resources: Freelance Academy Press

FencingClassics’s aim is to spread the word of new developments in all aspects of swordplay across the different spheres of interest. Part of that means pointing our readers at promising new ventures that are NOT undertaken by Secret Archives Press.

Like the new line of books by Freelance Academy Press, run by some of our old companions in crime…. Continue reading

Swords in the News: Crusader sword pommel found in Scotland

They don’t mind spending a few thousand bucks on finding a rusted deodorant can and three wheat pennies. But sometimes, the patient scavengers with the metal detectors come up with something interesting.

Like this guy in Scotland who is said to have found “one of the most significant relics of the Middle Ages ever found in Scotland.” Continue reading