Swords in the News: The Sword of Lalgarh

Nobody tell us we’re Euro-centric.

(Okay, we are, so sue us!)

But that doesn’t keep us from scouring the world for interesting stories relating to the Sword. Like this one from India, where an ancient sword is a living symbol of resistance against outside aggression…

Lalgarh, Oct. 3—As the Lalgarh lore goes, a warrior with a huge sword slayed on a single day 11,000 Maratha plunderers who were fighting against the local king’s army.

In a Lalgarh living under the constant fear of Maoist violence now, the sword has become the only solace this Puja.

The people of Lalgarh are eagerly awaiting the centuries-old “astra puja” on Ashtami, when the sword is worshipped along with Goddess Durga at the Rajbari by the descendants of the royal family.

“The unknown warrior alone had killed 11,000 Bargis when the Maratha plunderers invaded Lalgarh sometime between 1741 and 1751. Before leaving, he had left the sword behind. The weapon has become a symbol of power in our family since then…

Read on!


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