OMG: Be FC’s BFF @ our FB Page


It’s your lucky day: FencingClassics warms up its old Facebook Page.

Is it just another thing to “like”?

Or part of our outreach program to the young generation?

by J. Christoph Amberger

Baltimore, MD—There’s something odd about teenagers. Especially the current crop: Anyone passing a high school when school lets out can’t but notice that each homeward-bound ear appears to be surgically grafted to an iPhone.

Yet when it comes to initiating a phone call to, let’s say, figure out what French homework they forgot to write down, the good, old landline phone in the kitchen seems to be inhabited by spiders: You couldn’t get my sons to make a call if their life depended on it.

Same with e-mail: This already clipped and abbreviated mode of written communication may have sucker-punched the United States Post Office to the brink. But by now, only “old” people communicate via e-mail. The young text and communicate via Facebook.

My sons would rather spend three hours watching their Facebook accounts for an “instant” message than make a call or check their Google Mail to get an instant response to their instant message.

But who are we to complain?

Since we, too, blow an inordinate amount of time on Facebook, we’ve decided to revive a venerable Facebook Page we set up years ago: The Fencing Gallery.

In addition to alerting our BFF’s to new postings on FencingClassics, we’ll be using this page to let you know about upcoming sword-related events, give you a venue to post your own sword-related bits and pieces, draw our attention to sword-related news etc.

Not that you couldn’t get the same results by emailing us with this kind of thing. But we’re nothing if not on the pulse of our times.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you poke your head in at The Fencing Gallery Facebook Page! Take a gander right here!

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