Antiquariat: Forget Facebook, get into fencing books!

Still enraged about Facebook’s recent facelift? We say “Get a life!” Even better—get into something that hasn’t changed one bit in 100, 200, 500 years:

FencingClassics announces it has joined forces with actor-fighter-antiquarian Jared Kirby, to make both antiquarian fencing and Historical European Martial Arts resources and bibliophile appraisal services available to practitioners and collectors.

Baltimore, MD—Ever wondered what (if anything) the dog-eared old copy of Hutton is worth that your girlfriend got you for Christmas? Where to look for hard-to-get originals of rare fencing books before they get sucked up into the voracious collections of the usual suspects? (Yes, that’s you, Herr Köbelin!)

Or where to find reasonably priced copies of old manuscripts?

We aim to please at Fencing Classics. This is why we approached Jared Kirby Rare Books to establish a community resource for fencing bibliomaniacs: Think of it as the Antiques Road Show meeting a candy store… and check out Jared’s current listings!


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