English Version: Fencing in the “Visible World” of Johann Amos Comenius

Not sure why, but we’ve been getting a ton of requests to provide English translations of our German-language contributions.

(What’s wrong with you people?)

We’re reluctantly happy to comply, starting with the shorter ones…

Illustrated with 150 woodcuts, the Orbis Pictus of Johann Amos Comenius underwent over 200 printings, new editions and conceptual innovations, which, by the middle of the 19th century, had made it the most popular and most widely read primer or school book in Europe. The original bilingual edition was soon expanded to include English- and French-language explanations.

For the fencing historian, the Orbis is of limited interest as a primary, or even secondary source.

Due to the “timeless” nature of the book’s conceptualization—and the ongoing use of the original plates by a series of cost-conscious publishers—the short and concise summary of the subjects Palaestra (Fechtschule or salle d’armes, depending on your reading), Der Fechtmeister (“The Fencing Master”) was dated, if not completely anachronistic, at the date of publication.

So why bother? Click here for your free download!


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