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Rare arms and armor titles for sale by private collector

A local collector (who is not me!) is offering the following Arms & Armor titles. Don’t shoot, I’m just the messenger: Titles are indeed priced within the upper range. If interested, drop me a line at

* Gladius. Etudes Sur Les Armes Anciennes. Volumes 6 through 9 – 1967-1973; bound in three-quarter tan leather; black leather labels. Illustrated, Mint: $400.

* Gladius. Etudes Sur Les Armes Ancienne. Volumes 1 through 5; bound in three-quarter leather as above. Illustrated (swords). Mint $550.

* Gladius. (As Above) Ten Individual issues: from the 1970’s and 80’s. $40 each

* Hoff, Arne. Royal Arms at Rosenborg. Copenhagen, 1956. Two quarto vols., fine in original wraps. Volume of text; vol. of plates. $325.

* Vianello, Gianni. Armi e Armature Orientali. Milan, 1966. Folio; illus. $500.

* Thordeman, Bengt. Armour from the Battle of Wisby 1361. Stockholm, 1939. Two large vols; 145 plates. $550.

* Bruno, Thomas. Armi e Armature Europee. Milan: 1974. Folio. $300.

* Alfieri, Bianc. Armi e Armature Asiatiche. Milan, 1974. $175.

* Bashford, Dean. Catalogue of European Court Swords. 1929. $700.

* Grose, Francis. Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons. London, 1785. $1,000.

* Laking, Sir Guy. Record of European Armour and Arms. 6 volumes. Association copy owned by Baron de Cosson. $4,500.