Mensur; Germany, 1882

All those long and lonely summer nights…

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This oversized compound photograph depicts the members of the Seniorenconvent (SC) Göttingen, the local association of dueling student Corps or dueling fraternities registered at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany.

It depicts a “Bestimmtag” — an evening on which scheduled Mensuren or student duels are fought.

This photograph was taken toward the end of the summer semester of 1882.

The focal point of the image is a match between a member of the Corps Brunsviga (the second recognizable by his black-white-blue apron) and Otto von Bismarck’s Corps Hannovera (red-blue-red).

Both fencers pose without protective goggles in a hanging guard, ready to spring into action at the command of their seconds. On a chair nearby, the basket-hilt Schlägers’ tri-color felt inlays indicate the presence of the other member Corps in the Göttingen SC.

The location is the Landwehr inn — Göttingen’s response to Heidelberg’s famous Hirschgasse.

Below the photo, the names of all men depicted (identified by small numbers) are printed with their respective Corps affiliations.

This reproduction is based on a rare original in the Amberger Collection.

It was digitally restored in painstaking detail by our friends at Coyle Studios. Secret Archives Press LLC obtained exclusive permission to reproduce this print in limited quantities, and adhering to strict quality controls.

The print measures 22″x 20″, with an image size of 20″ x 18″.

Each print is created individually, using Premium Archival stock of 230g, 9.5mil, heavy-weight, matte paper, specially engineered for accurate color reproduction with high-contrast and high-resolution images. This stock is acid-free and perfect for framing. It will be safely mailed in a 3″ mailing tube.

2 responses to “Mensur; Germany, 1882

  1. That guy is never Bismarck. First, I did not found his name under the picture where all persons wich are on the photo are listed. Second, I did not know that he was so fat at his student time. All other pictures present him as thin.

  2. Green Laser Review

    Ummm… and again, an example of sloppy reading. Nobody ever claimed that was Bismarck. Considering he’d have been in his late 60s in —1882—! It sure is his Corps Hannovera.

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