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Fechtschule; Germany, 1750

Plenty of action

Talk about a three-ring circus! Continue reading

Schläger Mensur; Heidelberg, Germany, 19th ct.

A biedermeier meeting of the minds

Thanks to Mark Twain and Jerome K. Jerome, Anglo-Saxons on both sides of the Atlantic consider the Mensur — a pan-German ritual of passage practised wherever quality German is spoken Heidelberg Mensur — synonymous with Heidelberg. Continue reading

Lance practice; Austro-Hungary, c. 1905

Clash of the titans… Continue reading

Military Cut Fencing; Germany, 1925

Boys will be boys… Continue reading

Lance vs. Sword Drill; France, 1906:

This postcard, stamped and mailed in 1906, shows cavalry soldiers at Saumur practicing on foot… Continue reading