Bastard Sword; Unknown


Bastard with a crown

Bastard with a crown

This all-iron/steel sword is a bit of a mystery…

If you collect swords, you know the feeling: The thing you just bought could be a priceless unidentified original from 1600, 1800, or 1898. Or it might just be a piece of scrap metal put together by an SCA armorer during the Clinton Administration.

Parsing the meaning of “is” would be too much for this solid, well-balanced bastard sword. Its hilt, including the grip and pommel, are all made from one piece of iron.

My feeling is that this may be a recent production. But I hope it may have been made during the heyday of 19th-century fencing re-construction.

I can dream, can’t I?


Hilt: All in one piece

Hilt: All in one piece

Amberger Collection Bastard Sword


One response to “Bastard Sword; Unknown

  1. Good luck with tracking down where and when it came from. Sometimes the mystery is the best part though, isn’t it?

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