Korbsäbel; Germany, c. 1910


Mit Binden und Bandagen

Mit Binden und Bandagen

German students posing in full battlegear…

I vaguely remember that Clausthal is supposed to be the backdrop of this photograph. It shows members of an unidentified fraternity posed around a fencer and second ready for a Mensur with Korbsäbel, the heavy basket-hilt saber used by German students to settle matters of honor.

2 responses to “Korbsäbel; Germany, c. 1910

  1. Looks like the ‘Altenauer Strasse’ in Clausthal. Maybe its in front of the VDSt-Haus?

  2. It doesnt look like the VDSt house.The hats worn in the picture look white.Corps Montania has white hats.So I’m guessing it’s them.

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