Épée Duel; Italy, 1903


He did get some satisfaction

He did get some satisfaction

This Italian postcard was mailed in 1903 in Torino, Italy…

Illustrating the typical end of an épée duel: As Barbasetti noted, duels during which the thrust was permissible (which in épée duels naturally was the case) were typically terminated by an injury to the lower arm. As the fencer to the right is being bandaged, his discarded weapon in the foreground, the uninjured participand heads back toward the carriage, against whose wheels two spare weapons are leaning.

Any suggestions in regard to the handwritten note… and the notes above the fencers… are welcome.

4 responses to “Épée Duel; Italy, 1903

  1. This one is very fine! Duel in the 20th century interest me a lot but, not so much information about that… some book have small chapters on that but…

    Do you have more like this? Or some book about to recommand?


  2. Ok,thank you! But, as I guess, only some chapters will cover the 20th century! Better than nothing, indeed!

  3. Hello Mr Amberger,

    I just stumbled across this picture. Can you post a picture of the backside of the card? Are you sure it’s Italian? I’m thinking more about Spanish or French. Just a thought because of the french grip on the weapon and word which may read “congratulation”….

    All the best

    T. Völkel

    P.S.: If you do not want to post the picture here, you may send it to my adress.

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