Singlestick; Britain, c. 1900-1990


Wickerwork Singlestick

Wickerwork Singlestick

Underwater Baskethilt Weaving…

This is one of a pair of singlestick baskets I purchased from a British fencing master in the late 1990’s.  They are impossible to date, but I would love to peg them at  the turn of the last century. Then again, they could be replicas made in the late 20th century.

Unless a reader sets me straight, we’ll never know!

Wickerwork basket

One response to “Singlestick; Britain, c. 1900-1990

  1. I also purchased some very similar baskets in the late 1990s, in Edinburgh. I was told that they were made by a local blind persons’ society, so presumably they were of fairly modern manufacture. The main difference was that there was no hole in the centre of the guard.

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