Mensursäbel; Germany; c. 1900


The Elvis Presley of dueling weapons

The Elvis Presley of dueling weapons

Who wouldn’t want to show up for a saber Mensur wielding a black-velvet weapon…

Dating this weapon is difficult as Mensur sabers like this were made from 1880 to the 1920’s. The blade is blued and has 24-carat gold applications of motifs from German student life. (The hissing cat below could be a reference to E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Kater Murr.) The basket is covered in black velvet and, like the blade, bears the traces of at least one fight.

Even more rare, the weapon comes in a bright steel scabbard.








One response to “Mensursäbel; Germany; c. 1900

  1. Hello, there!
    My name is Rafael Coutinho and i´m a comix artist from Brazil. I´ve been working on a story about the Mensur for quite some time now and your site has been helping me a lot. I was wondering if i could ask you a few things about the Mensur culture, it´s hard to find people who really understand the intimate parts of it. If you have some time, it would be a huge help.

    Thanks a lot,
    Rafael Coutinho

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