Rapier; Germany, c. 1610

Tough act to follow

Tough act to follow


Battered, broken and repointed…

Picked up for (almost) a song at the Maryland Arms & Armor Collectors Associations annual shindig in the Timonium Cow Palace, the corroded, deeply pitted blade yielded the name of this substantial weapon’s maker: Willm Tesche Wirsberg.

That, and the strange pommel shape, allowed me to date the weapon to around 1610. The foible of the blade had broken off a few hundred years ago, and the weapon had been given a functional point soon after… rather than getting a new blade. the leather wrap of the handle remains original.

Not a sword to be trifled with.



4 responses to “Rapier; Germany, c. 1610

  1. Can’t really say why but I love that sword. Do you happen to have any other photos of it?

    Thank you.

  2. fencingclassics

    I sure can take more. Give me a couple of days!

  3. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
    Sense the foible was broken how long is the blade now?

  4. fencingclassics

    Hilt to point, the remaining blade measures 24 1/2″.

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