Bamboo-handled Foil; France; c. 1880

Unusual Materials

Unusual Materials

This French foil has a handle made of a single section of bamboo…

Measuring only 85 cm in total length, with only a 69 cm-long blade, this #5 blade was made by Coulaux & Cie. in Klingenthal. The taper of the blade indicates that this was not a broken blade, but probably a child’s training weapon. A large copper or brass sphere has been soldered to the tip.

Bamboo-handled Foil Amberger CollectionBamboo-handled Foil Amberger Collection


3 responses to “Bamboo-handled Foil; France; c. 1880

  1. this is another great piece. so simple. you can almost imagine the grip as a walking stick/cane handle.

  2. If this blade had been made for a child, it would not carry the No. 5 stamp, which on Coulaux blades usually indicated a length of 87 cm. Perhaps a handyman father was given a broken blade, found a suitable length of bamboo for a handle and cobbled the whole thing together for his son. Who knows?

  3. Bill Gayler

    Have a sword stick by Klingenthal Coulaux & Cie with No5 stamped on the handle end of the rectangular section blade. Round shaped handle is probably yew wood. Some rust on the blade. Length is 65cm tip to handle ferule which is of brass. The scabbard is bamboo which has split and is currrently glued up in a clamp and has a brass cup-feruled tip.

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