Dueling Épée; France, 1869

Inscribed  to the Hilt

Inscribed to the Hilt

I’d take this épée over a medal any day…

Made by Couleaux & Cie. at Klingenthal (which is engraved in the blade’s forte) and dedicated as “2me Section, 1mier prix d’Armes Mr Akermann”, this dueling épée was awarded by “Gd. College Stanislas 1869 par Mr. Bertrand” as a trophy. 

The unusual guard’s has its concave side face forward, the wooden handle is wrapped with copper and silver wire.

Monsieur Baptiste Bertrand is, of course, one of the great names in French fencing in the 19th century. The point is as sharp as becomes a dueling weapon.

Duelldegen Amberger Collection


2 responses to “Dueling Épée; France, 1869

  1. Actually, Baptiste Bertrand is one of the great names of British fencing, establishing a dynasty of fencing masters that only came to an end in 1980. The master who presented this prize épée was Francois Joseph Bertrand (1796-1876).

  2. fencingclassics


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