Posts that undeservedly got the least attention this past week

These images were this week’s wallflower posts. Some may be a bit older and harder to find on the site. Others may have been on subjects not very popular this week. We present them again, all warmed over, to see if they still can command some attention. Call it our “Stimulus Plan”….

Fencing helmet; Germany, c. 1820
Glockenschläger; Germany, c. 1850
Singlestick Drill; Britain, c. 1900
Cutlass Drill; Great Britain, 1900
Singlestick Drill; Britain, 1905

31z86x2nfjl_sl500_aa240_***Looking for more spine-tingling, hair-raising revelations about European edged-weapons combat, sword fighting, dueling and fencing? Try The Secret History of the Sword… “Simply the liveliest book about fencing I have ever read” (Richard Cohen, author of By the Sword).

*** What is this blog all about? It’s part of FencingClassics’ fencing history program.

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