“Turner” with Schläger; Germany, c. 1900

Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron





After the Napoleonic Wars, the “Gymnasts Movement” tried to turn soft Germans into men of steel…

Friedrich Jahn’s efforts to raise the physical fitness level of his fellow countrymen through Turnen (gymnastics, or physical education) played an important role in developing the pan-German movement after the Napoleonic Wars. His motto “Frisch, fromm, fröhlich, frei” (fresh, reverent, merry, free) did not sit well with the monarchists and resulted in frequent Turnverbote (prohibitions). Its four F’s form the cross on Jahn’s pedestal.

The robust-looking young man holds a basket-hilt practice Schläger. Jahn was no friend of the German students’ contemporary duelling practice. His collaborator Ernst Eiselen, however, taught fencing in Berlin among the nationalist students who formed the core of the German national movement.


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