Smallsword combat; Germany, 1713

So you know hat to do in these cases

So you know what to do in these situations


What’s the best strategy against fencers who hold their sword with both hands…

Schmidt’s Gründtlich lehrende Fecht-Schule (lit: “thoroughly teaching fencing school”) from 1713 left nothing to chance. This hand-colored copper illustrated just what to do in case your opponent started to wield his sword like a baseball bat and parry this way.

His teachings remained valid enough for his publisher’s widow to issue a reprint over 30 years later.

Source: Schmidt, Johann Andreas, Gründlich lehrende Fecht-Schule, oder Leichte Anweisung, auf Stoß oder Hieb sicher zu fechten; Nebt einem curieusen Unterricht vom Voltigieren und Ringen, mit viel sauber dazu dienlichen Kupfern versehen. Nürnberg: Bei Endterischen Consorten und Engelbrechts Wittwe, 1749; first published in 1713.


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