Basket-hilt Saber Mensur, Germany, c. 1910

Korbsäbel Farce

Korbsäbel Farce



This saber duel seems to have it all… until you look a bit closer…

Even Barbasetti attested the saber Mensur of the German and Austrian fraternity students “ritualistic severity”. This cabinet card from Jena in Saxony (Germany) seems to have it all: Two fencers with basket-hilt sabers (Korbsäbel), seconds, an umpire…

Of course, the weapons and gear are those used for Pauken (practice), not dueling. The “high impartial one,” as the formal address of Hoher Unparteiischer translates for the umpire, is a mutt… and the second to the right uses a pitchfork instead of the Sekundantenspeer.


One response to “Basket-hilt Saber Mensur, Germany, c. 1910

  1. Thank you for sharing this terrific cabinet card. Cabinet photos showing action, are not that common and fencing is a terrific subject. I am a collector of cabinet cards and have three cards showing members of a fencing team. I will try to post them to my blog soon. My blog is called Cabinet Card Gallery. You have an interesting blog. Thanks again.

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