Bellguard Saber; Germany, c. 1890


Rare Bellguard Saber

Rare Bellguard Saber

This saber combines the characteristics of the heavy military saber with those of the bellguard Schläger…


Not intended for the weak of arm, this practice saber weighs in at slightly less than 1kg. Its blunt practice blade is made by WKC of Solingen-Wald and marked with that company’s knight’s helmet near the hilt. It corresponds to WKC’s “Deutsche Fechtsäbelklinge”. At a width of 24mm near the tang, it is considerably wider and heavier than the saber blades listed in WKC’s fencing weapon catalog.


The weapon’s most unusual feature is the shallow dish hilt. It measures 15cm across and is only 3cm deep. A flat knuckle-guard is riveted to the dish and conected to the rounded, riveted pommel. The handle is contoured and oval and wrapped in cord. It lacks the flat surface for the thumb typical for Mensur- and Pauk-sabers.

This, and its overall heft, may point at use in military training.



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