Cutlass Drill; Great Britain, 1900

Naval Cutlass Practice 


Naval Cutlass Practice




British sailors practice with naval cutlasses…

by J. Christoph Amberger

This stereoscopic photograph depicts sailors of the H.M.S. Niobe during their onboard cutlass practice. The tile indicates that this image was taken in 1900 in Cape Town, South Africa.

The cutlass drill of the Royal Navy was originally developed by Henry Angelo in 1817 during the blockade of the River Schelde. It is based on his father’s 1798 Highland Broadsword system, which in itself was derived from traditional English cut fencing traditions.

2 responses to “Cutlass Drill; Great Britain, 1900

  1. Gordon Curtis Evans

    I am an X-RN pensioner age 87. I was in the RN Cadet Corps (Chatham
    1932 – 1937), Apart from rope work and semaphore etc,cutlass drill was
    taught. In fact it was included in the “Hornpipe Displays” during Navy Weeks
    I have a large wall chart of Naval Cutlass Drill movements, which I still practise !! If you wish, I would photograph it and send it to you.
    I would require an e-mail address to which to send.
    Also of the Cutlass I possess and would like to identity
    Kind Regards, Gordon Curtis Evans

  2. Dear Gordon

    I am a Stage Combat and Fight choreographer, very much interested in your cutlass drill experience. Would you be so kind as to email me a photo of your Naval cutlass drill movements I would love to see it. Many thanks. Ruth.

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